Crossroads LIFEGroup – For those just graduating high school and starting college or their professional career. Taught by our Impressions Pastor, John Copeland.

Mason Peavy’s LIFEGroup – For young adults starting their next stage in life. Taught by our Student Pastor, Mason Peavy.


David Gilmer’s LIFEGroup – Taught by our Connections Pastor, David Gilmer; this class is for adult single or married.


Nick Vann’s LIFEGroup – This class is taught by Nick Vann, and is for the more seasoned adult.


Bro. Fred’s LIFEGroup – This class is taught by our care pastor, Bro. Fred Heath and is for senior adults.


Spanish LIFEGroup – We have many Spanish lifegroups and all are taught by our Spanish Pastor, Victor Alvarez.


Women’s LIFEGroup – There are many women’s LIFEGroups that meet Sunday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Paige Jone’s teaches the Sunday morning class. Linda Peavy-Norton teaches Tuesday. Janet Buchanan teaches on Wednesday morning.


Men’s LIFEGroup


Bro. Jim’s LIFEGroup – All are welcome to this LIFEGroup that is lead by our staff evangelist, Jim Everidge.


LIFEGroup Courses

Divorce Care LIFEGroup

Victory Groups

Nitty Gritty LIFEGroup